Wednesday, July 27

Hello and welcome to the Home of Little Hippo

Each journey begins with a single step, or in this case a first posting! Hello and welcome to Chez Hippo, where we have more time and space to show you the background to some of the ideas and where we get our inspiration from.

The background - I really am Little Hippo! During a very giggly geography class aged 12 with my best friend the nickname came about, neither of us can remember the exact details but it stuck. We're still friends now, some still call me Hippo and now their children too which is rather sweet. As a result of this my home is filled with some lovely hippos that have been gathered over a lifetime of gathering memories that go with them. I'll show you some of my favourites and their story.

Here's the first one I remember! He came from Covent Garden while on a school trip to London. He used to have a flower in his mouth but over time think he ate it, and he's travelled everywhere with me and still makes me smile.