Friday, May 10

Craft Fair survival kit!

This is not intended as an exhaustive list, especially if you have very specific needs or equipment to take to a fair but it should give you a starting point of some of the more useful things to remember to bring! 

  1. Table - Are tables provided at the venue?  If not you will need to make sure you have some way of displaying your work and a pasting table or similar is usually a standard size that's useful (and foldable!).
  2. PRODUCTS!!! might sound daft but you could spend ages checking your details and forget to actually take what you made!
  3. Covering for the table - either a table cloth, old duvet cover or door curtain - anything that is big enough to cover the entire table and hang over the edges.  It's sometimes useful to have something that covers the front completely so that you can store boxes etc underneath without customers seeing them.
  4. Banner or poster to attach to the front of the table saying who you are - not essential but if you have one make sure you pack it!  Also make sure you include the pins or string to attach it.
  5. Stall display material - height is a great way to make your display more inviting, rummage around charity shops or DIY shops for basic bits that you can use to your advantage.
  6. Baskets or containers for smaller items you are displaying - also useful if these come with lids so that packing up is made a whole lot easier later.
  7. Boxes to pack away with - where possible make them work as part of your display, cuts down on boxes under the table and makes storage and packing away much easier!
  8. Pricing labels - make sure your items are priced clearly, rounding up or down to make your change easier.  We round everying to the nearest 50p which makes the float tin simple.
  9. Float - don't forget your change! And the tin/box to keep it in.
  10. Receipt book - probably only if you sell more expensive items, but some may ask so depending on your prices may be useful.
  11. Business cards or flyers - how can people find you later?
  12. Notepad and pen - you will need to record your sales somehow depending on your method of record keeping.
  13. Packaging - depending on what you are selling you may need tissue, newspaper or bubble wrap to keep your items safe and bags to sell them in.
  14. If you have insurances for food hygiene, CE proof or CRBs take a copy with you - chances are you will never get asked but better to have it with you just in case.
  15. Useful box - I use a small plastic toolbox just for fairs and keep the following in it:
    1. scissors
    2. string
    3. blutac
    4. drawing pins
    5. pens
    6. plasters
    7. post it notes
    8. cable ties - these end up being used for the most random uses!
    9. roll of stickers
    10. business cards
    11. count clicker - not everyone is bothered, but they are useful
  16. If you have small people with you make sure you have some sweets, drinks etc and toys or games to keep them occupied (easier said than done sometimes) and please make the organiser aware that they belong to you so can be returned if found wandering!
  17. Chair and cushion - if you suffer with back problems or need to sit for long periods take a fold up chair and cushion.
  18. Cardboard - if the place might be cold take an old piece of carpet or cardboard box to stand on.
  19. Bin bag - to clear away any food wrappers etc.
  20. Food! You may be there for a while without access to tea or food so go prepared :)
That's all I can think of for now - please add bits as you think of them, and tailor the list to your particular needs.  And just remember - check it all fits in your car!!! Hippo x