Wednesday, August 3

Went out to play and found bumper boots!!

We've been thumping buttons for so long now that we needed a day out! Thankfully the website is now starting to look and feel as we first wanted it and gradually managing to get all the current work photographed and on there. Also, now that we're out of geek mode (apologies to all the serious coders out there) we can go back to creative mode and work on new pieces.

Bumper boots - many call them baseball boots but for some reason I have always called them bumper boots! No idea why, just that's what they've always been and over the years have gained and worn out loads of pairs. Today was another good day for the collection:

How cute are they? Think I lasted all of 10 seconds thought time before finding my size and trying them on. Not normally a Mickey Mouse fan but just loved the old style cartooning on them :)

Got another Hippo to show you -

This picture was painted for me when I lived in Brighton and working for an odd company (that's the polite version!). At the time I lived in a shared house and the chap that painted this did covers for magazines such as 2000AD and was such a fantastic artist. I came home from work and it had been slid under my door with a note that said 'hope this cheers you up' now that's what you call a housemate! It's been making me smile ever since.

No more buttons to thump so can get back to the sketching to make new pieces, Angie xx