Monday, September 24

So much has happened!

Hello, and firstly my apologies for not blogging for a while - but so much has been going on it's just bonkers!
Since I last wrote, we have moved shops, set up some more craft fairs, met an amazing amount of new crafters and oh yeah - started to go into profit as a business woo hoo!!
We have also been having a bit of a re-brand so over the next few days will be changing the blog around a bit.  We have also noticed that sticking a big purple hippo on things seems to get you noticed and even better, remembered which is superb to keep the project going.
The major pain was that BT failed to get their act together so it meant trying to work from home, run the shop and at odd moments getting a bit of sleep - not ideal which is why things like the blog dropped off the radar for a while.  But thankfully we are now up and running properly, so fully intend to keep you all updated on what's going on with regular blogs.
The other thing we've noticed is that we seem to be getting a reputation for helping and supporting others, we always did this but didn't feel the need to put it on big banners.  We sort of figured that if you felt comfortable recommending us then we were doing it right, and my goodness have people been recommending us - they're coming from all over the place, it's awesome.
Today is a bit of a catch up day for me, we are starting to turn the corner from headless chicken of reacting to being more in control and planning as we should be doing.  As always, thank you to the fabulous support from those around us - you may not see or hear from them, but they know who they are and hopefully know how much I value their support.  Hippo beers all round very very soon xx