Saturday, March 31

The Hippo knows lovely people!

I promise to blog about the shop properly soon - with all the inbetween photos of us fighting with the paint tins! But, just had to share this with you all before the thoughts go from the small brain.

We had our official opening today, and we had forgotten how lovely our friends and family truly are - apologies if that sounds awful. However, think we're all guilty of bumbling along saying oh, must call her and arrange to meet up and the day to day life gets in the way of remembering how fab our friends are.

So here's a photo taken by my fabulous friend Buffy who just happens to be an awesome photographer, and is happily mad as a badger (in a good way of course!)
l-r: Sam Kat; Clare Sherwen, me, Claire Martin

all the lovely people that agreed to be part of the first wave of the Hippos taking over the world!!

We genuinely want Little Hippo Presents to grow into a social enterprise for local crafters and artists and as luck would have it we just happen to know some rather talented crafters who are also good fun to be around - which makes life much more pleasant.