Friday, March 9

Time Management Fail!!

Err, there are only 24 hours in one day - this fact is well known to me and has been around for some time now .... so why on earth did I think getting a new shop ready, helping organise a craft fair and getting our stock ready for the craft fair would be a good plan?? Nope, beats me too! However, this is the situation we find ourselves in so it's just a case of roll up those sleeves and get cracking.

We recently took the keys to this fab little place -

near to us is a garden centre where all the retail units are set up in their own huts and it just seemed the perfect stepping stone for us at this time. We've been trading from the web, doing a few craft fairs and not doing too badly so now to jump into retail!

However, the list of things needing doing just keeps growing and growing and as per usual had I actually stopped and considered them properly then we possibly wouldn't be in this position. But, in true Hippo style of yeah, course we can do that! there was a massive leap into the unknown complete with an assortment of paintbrushes and filler. What is fabulous about this venture is that we can do what we like to the hut (within reason!) so we can truly make it the home of Little Hippo.

One aspect of the business which is growing fantastically is the idea of selling with other people and use it as a sort of community arts venture. Ultimately we would love to have Little Hippo Presents as a social enterprise supporting local artists and crafters and Chez Hippo remains as our commercial venture. That's a way off yet but as per the true Hippo logic in my brain it's only a small step away. Not even finished painting and fitting this shed out and already thinking about the next idea! Beware all of those you that have agreed to sell through us - my ideas brain just keeps going, and going, and going ......!!