Sunday, August 7

Clearly incapable of buying stuff unless it's pink!

Apologies, but this appears to be a running theme of mine - buying shoes! However, in my defence these are for camping and actually have some grip. The last time I went camping was to Lake Bala where someone kindly took me out on their catamaran. I only had my grotty trainers on that have absolutely no grip which was drastically shown to be true as I went happily down the entire side of the cat and the chap had to grab my other foot to pull me back on board! Slightly unerving to say the least, so have now purchased shoes that actually have some grip.

Also, as it gets quite cold in the evening we have discovered a love of burning things while recanting the entire Monty Python skit about burning witches, again a slight oops moment - however we like burning things and it keeps us warm.

And the other good pressie of the week courtesy of friends that used to live next door. While rootling round the old stuff their previous home owner had left they found this - and thought of me, how cute! I actually remember having one of these as a child, and driving my parents mad painting strange little bowls and not understanding why they weren't getting as excited as me - so I guess the love affair with ceramics goes back quite a long way! Dutifully trundled off for batteries and fantastic, it still works. One of the first pots still sits in their cabinet at home, will have to get a photo to show you - or maybe not as I was only 7 at the time!

Angie xx