Saturday, July 30

Long but good week!

It's been a very busy but productive week! Things are moving in the right direction and maybe Chez Hippo wasn't such a daft idea after all! Thank you to everyone for the lovely comments and support we've received as when you sit working from home all day with only the cats to ask 'do you like this one or this one best?' it can be a little brain tiring.

We have been working on some new pieces which should be on the web pages soon. The only snag is when we photographed the sun catchers in the garden I accidentally forgot to bring one back in because it just looks so lovely against the roses, oops! Have noticed that this is becoming quite a habit and as we were told at the business start up meeting "ahh, you're caring creatives ..."

The list of things to do is being munched through slowly, and now feeling a little more like a grown up as the rather pretty business cards arrived yesterday. However, I feel it would be better to have shorter pieces of paper so the list cannot be added to quite so easily! Angie xx