Friday, September 16

eek the boy's off to uni, nooo he's still 12 surely??

What a strange couple of weeks, back to school (urrgh - but love it once back in the swing of it) and preparing the boy for university - eek how old is he?? Really should stop calling him the boy as he is now 18, but suppose it's just stuck now and will probably still call him the boy at 30 - poor lad! He has done so fantastically well - got an unconditional offer of a place based on his portfolio work. He's going to be studying post production and editing in London, really excited to see where his work goes and how he develops. For those of you that would like to follow his journey too this is his youtube channel, and this is one of my favourites from him:


He doesn't like it much anymore because it took him hours to sync all the graphics!

There will probably be teary photos on Saturday when we leave him in the big city - but what an adventure to be having! And love the fact that because of youtube we get to see the mad randomness that has leaked from his brain into a 'hey, I wonder if that could happen ...?' and off he trundles to try it and then we get to spend hours howling with him at the result. Joe - be most excellent to yourself! x

We have also been trying to re-organise stuff so that it's easier to work on projects, well that was an epic fail (as my friend Rachael would say). The level of organisation resulted in dismantling furniture, shoving loads of stuff into the loft and then oh yes just closing the door and expecting the fairies to do the rest. Hmm, clearly more work needed then. These pictures are deliberately shown in an attempt to shame me into getting it sorted:

However, once the boy is settled in London we shall return to the errant boxes, set up work benches and become more organised. I am still working on the old principle of as it's a new term at school as long as you have new pencils that match you will be able to get A's in class just because you were organised in a pretty way. And yes, to those of you quietly chuckling at this - you know who you are - there will be a very real need for pretty storage boxes and magazine files on shelves because clearly you can't work effectively unless this is done! Boys, you have so much to learn. I will return later with the ahem tidy space - or just hope the fairies turn up in the night!

Angie xx