Sunday, February 19

Social Media from the Hippo perspective

Given the amount of time I have spent on line recently, whether through twitter, facebook, pinterest and various other forums I thought I would share some of the things discovered so far. Most of you are well versed in social media, and for me this has been a very steep and quick learning curve so apologies if any of this comes across as teaching granny to suck eggs! But some of it might be useful - if not, you can just giggle at my howling errors along the way.

So these are my observations so far!

1. many people have many accounts and you tend to see the same names - lots of people know lots of other people, so play nicely! No-one likes to follow someone who only sells or constantly whines. Personally I like to chat on platforms, tell you stupid things my cat has done and also show you what we've made. My feeling was always that people buy from people and our greatest sales have always come from those I've spoken to and giggled with.

2. Don't just open accounts because you feel you should - for instance if you like facebook, stick to it. Don't feel obliged to use twitter if you hate it - tweeters can tell as can facebookers. Play to your strengths and where you feel comfortable.

3. Please don't automatically link your posts, or if you do please do it selectively - refer to point 1!

4. Interact with people - the clue is in the name 'social' media, sorry if that sounds slightly patronising but there is nothing worse than someone that just says 'look what I made' all the time. Yes we're on there for business but we like to giggle too, and I will much more readily share links and promotions of people I feel connected to and vice versa.

The observations from the Hippo brain, probably more later as I learn more!