Monday, May 21

Vistaprint business cards - and how to save money

Are you one of the army of small business users that want to get cheaper business cards but using loads of images which means vistaprint gets expensive? Aha, we have a cunning plan!
This is a copy of my business card:

But, how many images or text boxes can you see?
Hippo logo, Hippo background, 4 text boxes at least? All of which vistaprint charge for ...
nope, there is only one!
How to get round their pricing:
open publisher or photoshop, drop all the images and text boxes you want and play around till you're happy with the finished result and then save it as a SINGLE IMAGE which you upload to their site.  You are then charged for only 1 upload because it only recognises 1 graphic and saves you loads!!
Happy playing :)