Saturday, May 23

We're coming back!!

Apologies for the absence, we tried something else and bits worked but other bits didn't.  However, if you don't try something new you can't possibly hope to grow and learn from these experiences so although the end result wasn't what I had hoped for the journey was worth it.  But, the upshot is that I intend bringing the Hippos back in the way they were first intended.

We're going to start small again and make sure we are standing then toddling then walking before we even consider finding our running shoes.  As those of you that know me personally, patience is not my strong point!! The other difference this time is that there are several people that also miss being a Hippo and the values we hold so this time I've got support and help from the outset.  Business is a pretty lonely place on your own but with others prepared to throw jaffa cakes at you and go oiii Ange you're being stupid and then we all giggle and go oh yeah see your point, well that makes it much more bearable.  I have learnt that although I can make the practical, legal and economic decisions quite easily on my own I need the bounce for creative processes and especially when I go 'I have a cunning plan .....' and need someone to bounce off.  That's where two other wonderful ladies come in (and not just to scoff the jaffa cakes, saying that before they run off with the cash & carry card!).

And I miss chuntering on the blog, so apologies to all those that thought great she's stopped annoying us - Hippo's back, and with lots of ideas to make the world a more interesting place.

Can't wait to tell you all the other updates once the journey begins in earnest, see you all soon

Hippo x