Monday, December 26

some things the small brain has learnt

This could have been a boring entry about the setting up of your own business, however the small brain wandered so you now have a list of things learnt this year!

1. No mattter how fabulous your yoga teacher is there are some bends that are just impossible, and her giggling at you while struggling does not make you feel better 3/10 must try harder
2. 20 pairs of shoes do not fit into a bottom of the stairs basket without them escaping just when you go to find the matching pair - and you are always running late when this happens
3. Home made wine tastes a lot better with someone else to share it with
4. Your girlfriends can always be relied upon to remind you of the gaffs made - Ivor Novello, I rest my case and trump you the Normans
5. You will always forget what presents, decorations etc have been purchased during the year and suddenly find that you possess 3 sets of christmas crackers hidden in a box
6. Your cat will always want a cuddle with muddy wet paws just as you are ready to go out in your best party frock - safest to just buy animal print fabric and say it's part of the design!
7. No matter how you dress it up, camping is still cold and wet - but good fun so you still go and immediately remember how cold and wet it actually is!
8. When someone tells you it's complicated - that's code for I can't be honest enough to tell you the truth and run away, preferably to the girlfriends who will remind you later while howling at the gaff - again I trump you the Normans!
9. Spamalot audiences do not dress up, and you will stand out while clinking coconuts through the foyer and asking where the grail is hidden
10. When combing two households into one - where do all the lightbulbs come from??

And now some resolutions for next year - probably all be forgotten by February, but the act of blogging about them offers a level of guilt and reminding that they may make it till April!

1. Remember to post more blogs - some of the lovely comments received during the year made me realise how many people actually read these ramblings, so thank you x
2. Create a range of products that more accurately fits with the Hippo home, there are interests which we haven't explored and should have - again, thanks for the feeback from those of you we've had chance to discuss the ideas with x
3. Might sound silly, but try to enjoy it a bit more - yes, it's a business but also meant to be a way of life and that old adage of working to live not living to work runs true

Daren't make any more - 3 already takes me way over my usual limit! And as for the personal ones, they'll probably be chuntered about on twitter or facebook but am not brave enough to have those laid open to public scrutiny!

Hope you all have a fabulous 2012, Angie xx