Wednesday, January 4

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult

This just kind of sums up how I feel right now! Although I don't feel the disguise is quite strong enough yet, perhaps the flowery dr martens don't help that much (but they're my favourites!).

So, 2011 - what did it bring for you? For my part it was a weird and wonderful mix of events, people and new projects emerging. One of the best things was actually getting to start Chez Hippo and people starting to take it seriously.

The kiln now happily sits in the corner of a very cold shed, but the cat likes sleeping on it and chirruping (he can't purr very well) as you work up there. He's not mastered full conversation yet but does nod in agreement every now and then which is quite pleasing. Oh, and with the shed came two men into the girly house - now that took some getting used to, but also very lovely. And before you all sound disgusted at two men, one is The Boy who I now have to stand on a chair to tap him on the head and say 'go to your room'. That does provoke amusement, especially when he then leans on my head and declares he's in charge - yeah right, as if! Combining two households has proved to be err interesting - for instance, just how many light bulbs and extension leads do you actually need?? Clearly not as many as we had accumulated between us. Please can I have a tardis house, or even one that just keeps expanding while you sleep?

I am now officially on the Chez Hippo full time as my teaching contract finished in December and decided to have a proper go at this self employed lark. I mean, how hard can it be? Oh, that's right - ridiculously hard eek. However, we would much rather put effort into building a life we can sustain and doing something we actually enjoy even if it does mean the cold shed to check the kiln - after moving the cat off it first. Also, managed to track down two of my oldest friends last year - hurrah for facebook. We will have that reunion at some point boys - but not in a tent in Wales this time!

Had a lovely day today, started to look at venues for craft events with another crafter and hopefully showcase ours and others' work as a group. So, this self employed lark might just come off after all! Angie xx