Tuesday, February 21

The Hand Painted Mini

For those of you of a certain age you will remember that we painted cars! For the younger ones amongst you I will be the strangest thing on the planet - but these are some of the stories connected to the Hand Painted Mini. For some of you, you will remember us tootling round in this and the fact that each person usually added their own little bit as time went on.


It all started with a boring Sunday afternoon, the boys were playing paintball and we were bored. So, in a random statement I suggested we paint the car. Ok said my friend, without any hesitation - so we did! Up until now it had been a standard silver mini with no distinguishing features, however these pictures show the finished results. Sadly only 4 pictures exist in the world, 3 are here and 1 is lost to me now.

Personally the funniest bit was returning home after staying at said friend's house, strolling into the kitchen and calmly saying err before you go outside I'd better warn you I've painted the car. Mum just said 'oh red? purple? what colour?', at this point Dad walked back in and just said 'oh yeah, she's painted it all right!' I was a good Hippo though. I dutifully drove to the Police station and asked the duty officer if I needed to inform DVLA of changing a car's colour. While pushing a pen around he asked 'have you changed the colour much?' I pointed to the mini outside and after he choked on his tea, and with as much formality as he could muster said 'err no, I can still tell it's silver underneath, that's fine'.

I miss the fact that we don't paint cars now! It was fun :)