Friday, February 24

Hippo been tagged!!

The lovely Indigo Flea tagged me in a blog challenge!

The rules are you must post 12 facts about yourself, answer the questions set by the tagger, and then create a further 12 questions for the next bloggers you tag - and that you share these rules. So here goes, 12 fun facts about me:

1. My nick name really is Little Hippo - something to do with a geography class aged 12 but the rest is vague!!
2. I am left handed as are all my eldest cousins on my Dad's side, but everyone else is right handed
3. Discovered I am dyslexic
4. I can make my toes bend at right angles
5. Hate wearing shoes but own loads of them
6. Favourite ballet is Hobson's Choice
7. I dream in colour
8. Used to be able to read Welsh
9. I laugh like Woody Woodpecker
10. Get lost fantastically easily
11. Get bored ridiculously quickly
12. Have done a parachute jump

Okey dokey, now the questions that were set for me by Indigo Flea:

1. snow or no snow - eek, love the stuff but only the new crisp stompy stuff especially at dusk
2.middle name - don't have one
3. can you sing - err nope! got drummed out of a Welsh choir at school!!
4. why do you blog - mainly to promote the Hippos, but also as an excuse to share my silliness
5. allergies - weirdly allergic to broken polysterene and privet hedging!
6. funniest joke you know - I don't really know any, still giggle at things like the Beano!
7. feet size - 3, or 2 if they are Dr Martens :)
8. siblings - one brother now living in Southern Ireland
9. favourite destination - tricky, love Paris in the early evening but so many places I'd love to visit too
10. what do you do to relax? huge fan of chick flicks - so bubble bath, plonk, popcorn and a bit of Drew or Reese and I'm sorted! But also giggling with friends is a massive relaxer for me
11. hot or cold - eek, not sure - really don't like being too cold but faint nicely in the heat too!
12. what makes you happy? seeing others happy, or in some way helping them get to their happy place

My 12 questions to those being tagged:

1. What's your favourite smell?
2. Your earliest memory
3. what you wanted to be at aged 6 or thereabouts when you grew up
4. if you could meet anyone, who would it be?
5. if you were a superhero what special quality would you have?
6. your favourite body part - keep it clean folks!!!
7. favourite place to be when it rains
8. worst chat up line ever heard (or given!)
9. best chat up line ever heard (or given!)
10. if you could be an animal, what would you be?
11. your favourite word (made up or real)
12. at which question did you think, eek I've got to think of 12 now?!

Now to find 5 bloggers and tag them:

Kate; LittleMouseLily; PlanetPenny; Musings from the Den; The Other Mousie