Sunday, February 26

Swords and Wands of change

This has been muddling round my brain for a while, not the content as such but how to present it so that people would understand my intention behind it. Please also know that I am not writing this to hurt those around me either, you don't always choose the journey you are taken on but you are responsible for how much you learn from that journey.

A while ago a man appeared on my doorstep who belonged to my past. It was a strange, intense period of time for both of us. We were both at a crossroads for different reasons and in hindsight we were there merely as signposts to another journey and nothing more. Sadly, because of the way our connection ended it means that I will never hear if the destination was a success or not for him. I hope so as everyone deserves a happy ending.

What is important is the things learnt. Some of you may know that I use tarot cards, mainly the Mythic and for those of you familiar with these cards he presented as the King of Swords and the King of Wands both in person and in spreads. Both are cards of leadership and change especially relating to new ideas, which he embodied and the sense of being able to achieve anything was so strong it was almost infectious. In terms of the Hippos we are entering a new sphere of change, both professionally and personally. In hindsight he arrived to awaken that sense of change and ideas within me which had lain dormant for too long. It is not unladylike to be ambitious - which I am. It is not unprofessional to want things done properly and well, which I do.

Deep down I am the same giggly person that gets a kick out of being silly or howling at something funny or relying heavily on my girl friends while we support and ground each other. However, I have to accept this person turned up for a reason so that I could take the strenght of the swords and wands and make the Hippos a real success. Even though it was short, but not entirely sweet, I am glad it happened as everything happens for a reason.