Sunday, October 2

Day 1 - free choice

Oh no, the Hippo brain has too much to choose from in a house full of random items, so choice made:

How superb are these?

Some lovely friends know of my ahem slight addiction to all things Beano and got me these plasters as I can be slightly err clumsy too! However, the really sad part was that I actually wanted to create an injury that required me to wander round with Gnasher covering the cut - that's something small boys do!

Think the best Beano trick I ever pulled was by using old comics to decorate a downstairs cloakroom in an old house. Sadly no photos were taken, but it did look good. The estate agent that had to sell the house didn't seem to share this passion - if the potential buyers had kids he would show it first, if they didn't he'd wait till last - so funny to watch him squirm!