Sunday, October 2

your own personal dictionary!

Over the years it has been brought to my attention that there is a certain vocabulary that you acquire by being around me too long! This has been evidenced on many occasions by the boy (who I didn't meet till he was 12!) yet is now quite fluent in Angiesm. So, in an effort to assist translation it was suggested that I publish a page with words and phrases that are often heard in my household. The list will be updated as I remember them or notice people giggling because yet again we are using made up phrases!

getting soggy - off to get in the bath and then ..

all clean and shiny - just got out the bath!

it escaped - where food has deliberately leapt from the plate (you cannot spill food it escapes!)

brave or foolish - shamelessly stolen from a good friend - aimed at a child who continues to defy or challenge you, are you feeing brave or foolish?

closely followed by - it is your personal choice to continue this behaviour, however ........

which basically means you've been found out, you are annoying me and I will take your toys away - now, do you still want to annoy me?

ahhh Bob! - this is one of those, oh I get it now moments when the penny finally drops on something and came from the film French Kiss where Kevin Kline trys to explain how to pronounce Bob in a French accent, was watching with Slug one year and it kind of stuck

slug castle - place of sleeping area that a child will not - under any circumstances - leave! First linked to a bright yellow sleeping bag and a child that got named slug for staying there forever!

Handbag call - this is when someone accidentally calls you, and it's usually from the bottom of a handbag so matter how much you yell 'turn it off!!!' the person calling you has no idea. Used to be called sofa calls as my ex MIL had a knack of sitting on her phone, accidentally calling me and then the phone fall down the sofa! I get a lot of handbag calls as I'm often the first person in their address book, often thought about changing my name to Xylophone :)