Sunday, October 2

Day 4 - my favourite mug

This mug has been with me probably since I was about 10, I think!

I can't remember when I first came across Peanuts and their little gang with all their worries and fears so beautifully written out by Schulz. Growing up I identified mostly with Peppermint Patty, the ultimate tomboy! However, my time at baseball was short lived after ending up in an ambulance having been knocked unconscious playing catcher and a ball flew up my glove onto my face and broke my nose - oops! Still have a huge collection of Peanuts books, pictures, soft toys - someone even remarked once that you could find something in every room of the house relating to Schulz! And, yes that's probably true. My favourite Snoopy is probably the one that my Grandmother (or Nain to the Welsh amongst you!) found in a charity shop not long before she died. This mug is best for hot chocolate and as Linus says, it would taste even better with a ski lodge around it :)